Honoring Our Pollinators • Lavender Sachet

Honoring Our Pollinators Lavender Sachets

Pollinators are vitally important to our food supply and thus to our existence as a species. I created this design to honor our precious pollinators and encourage their protection.

There are many healing qualities in the penetrating scent of Lavender Flowers. This scent is known for its restorative, calming and relaxing properties. Great for bringing balance and serenity to an individual and their environment. Each pillow comes with a little write-up.

Created with an original fabric design that cannot be found anywhere else. Hand made in Ruby Rice’s studio. Most have Bee images and some large ones have a Moth image. Email a message if you have a preference about the image.

Nothing but 100% pure lavender flowers fill these little cotton pillows.

***Ruby is only accepting custom orders for the Honoring Our Pollinators series sachets. Please contact the seller directly to custom order a sachet with a preferred size, weight, and fabric design, including detailing such as hand embroidering, hand stamping with gold fabric paint, etc. Listed below are possible variations for custom orders.

This fabric design is also available on 3.5″x10″ unscented flax eye pillows for $18.99. Please contact Ruby to order a unscented flax eye pillow.

Five percent of every sale goes to Earthjustice ( to help our environment.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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5.5×10, 7×8.5, 9×13, 9×13 Hand-Embroidered, 9×5

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