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  • Visionary art by Ruby Rice
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Entering the Visionary Healing Arts Sanctuary and Gallery you encounter a visual feast. The studio is filled with light. Everywhere you look color dances in fabric, on the walls, throughout the entire room.

Here at Visionary Healing Arts Sanctuary and Gallery, you will find treasures from my art studio, sanctuary, and gallery. There are fabric pillows, wearable art, and wall hangings for sale, with new pieces offered regularly. I am inspired by nature, the divine, color, form, patterns… The list goes on and on.

There are gorgeous art note cards for sale. The cards are an original and thoughtful gift to send or to give as a set. These note cards can be purchased as sets of 6 or 12. There are sets with single images and sets that include an assortment of similar images.

This year I will be participating in the amazing Crafts of Colrain tour in Western Massachusetts, showing the wonderful work of many artists and their home studios, check out their Crafts of Colrain home page!


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